Ashley Arredondo

I had ordered a drug on Friday for SPECIAL order delivery on Saturday for my patient who absolutely had to have this drug on Saturday.  I made special arrangements with my wholesaler for overnight delivery.  Saturday came, no drug!

I was informed of this and tried to call my wholesaler on Saturday night (no answer!) closed for the weekend.   I decided to just GOOGLE ASD Healthcare and see IF I could get through to someone to ask where the heck this order was.  I had also called UPS and there was no information about my order.  I called ASD Healthcare and put a request in to the 24 hour on call number and Ashley called me back.

She was so helpful.  She was so professional.  We talked about the order, she obtained information and she asked if she could call me back when she found out what happened to my order.   I was a bit worried that I would  get lost in the shuffle…I was a bit concerned I would not get a call back.  My patient was very concerned because she did not receive the drug and her therapy should not be interrupted. Ashley called me back with the information I asked her for and she proceeded to give me information about reordering the drug.  She gave me all of the billing information and then called me back again with information I needed to order this drug again.

 She reassured me about the order process.  She was so dependable.  She also arranged for emails to be sent to my husband during the day so he could communicate with me about the arrival of the drug.  I had to make arrangements to be at my pharmacy to sign off to the driver.  Ashley did EXACTLY what she should have done and went farther to give the absolute BEST customer service I could have asked for.  She was exceptional.

 She is an asset to the ASD Healthcare TEAM.  You are lucky to have her.  I am so grateful to have worked with her and she made this whole transaction successful!  Thank you Ashley!!!!!!   GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!